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Graduate Program

Applications to the Mechanical Engineering Graduate School are accepted from persons who have completed, or will have completed by the time they arrive, a Bachelor's degree for entrance into the Master’s program or a Master’s degree for entry into the PhD program. We do not admit directly to the PhD from the bachelor’s degree.

Financial Aid
For All-English programs, among the admitted students, the selected ones will be offered scholarship. For the first year, tuition and fees are waived for the entire school year and a monthly stipend of NT$10,000(full)/6,000(partial) is granted to a master program student and NT$15,000(full)/8,000(partial) is granted to a doctoral student . For the second-year master students and second-year PhD students, the scholarship will be offered as long as the students meet certain requirements. All international students can also apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by the government. However, those who have already received financi al aid from other sources including Taiwan Scholarship are not eligible to apply NTUST scholarship.

The application deadlines are as follows:


Spring semester

Fall semester

Application deadline

October 31

March 31

Application documents must be received by Section of Graduate Studies , NTUST before

November 3

April 3


Applicants to the NTUST mechanical engineering graduate program should apply using the online admissions website

For more details,please refer to admission guidelines