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Educational Objective

Educational Objectives – Undergraduate
1. To enrich students’ knowledge in fundamental theories and engineering, and have the skill to apply the knowledge in practical analysis, design and manufacture.
2. To encourage students to attach to the advance technology and the developing industry constantly, in order to obtain the capacity of performing the most
advanced and effective technology.
3. To help students acquire abilities of interpersonal communication, team work and integration of both disciplinary and inter-disciplinary settings.
4. To cultivate students’ noble thoughts, such as integrity, honesty, environmental consciousness, and make the most of work ethic.


Core competences of Graduates – Undergraduate program
1. The ability to identify, formulate engineering problems and to systematic solvethese problems with knowledge in mathematics, sciences and engineering as well
as modern techniques.
2. The ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret the experimental results and statistics.
3. The ability to design, plan, integrate and manage engineering components,systems or manufacturing processes.
4. The ability to communicate and work as part of a team effectively.
5. To be attached to the contemporary technology developments and current affairs regarding mechanical engineering, and to assimilate its influence to the
environment, society, and the world. Thus, develop the awareness of the essential of work ethic, societal responsibility, and continuing education.


Educational Objectives – Graduate program
1. To develop students’ skills of self-learning the knowledge and techniques relating to advanced mechanical engineering.
2. To enable students to complete technical reports and theses.
3. Guide students to achieve creative thinking strategy and independent problem solving ability.
4. Prepare students to obtain the capacities of leadership, management, strategic planning and coordination of personnel in other disciplines.
5. Allow students to develop foreign language proficiency and international perspective.


Core Competences of Graduates – Graduate program
1. The acquisition of professional knowledge in relevant research fields.
2. The competence to propose and perform projects and to publish the research results by completing theses.
3. The ability to innovate and think independently and to be able to coordinate with personnel in other disciplines to solve research problems faced in professional field.
4. International perspective.
5. The capacity of leadership, management and formulate.
6. Self-development and the aptitude of lifetime learning.