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About Us

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1975 to provide four-year and upper two-year undergraduate programs to best serve the nation and advance the industrial technologies. When the Graduate School of Engineering of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was established in 1979, the department offered a Master of Science program under the graduate school at the same time. In 1986, the department started its doctoral program. Currently, there are 117 Ph.D. students, 449 master students and 456 undergraduate students enrolled.
The faculty members, all with Ph.D. degrees, include 24 professors (3 chair professors), 10 associate professors, and 14 assistant professors. According to the expertises and research interests of the individual faculty members, they are divided into 5 teaching groups: Design and Mechanics, Manufacturing, Thermal Science and Fluid Mechanics, Control, and Materials. In addition, the department offers 6 well-organized interdisciplinary curriculums to help the undergraduates make a smooth transition to the advanced technology industries after graduation. To foster the initiatives of intimate collaboration with industry, the department integrates and teams up its faculty members into several research groups and endeavors to turning the technologies developed in their researches into industrial applications.
In the April of 2010, the department introduced the "Machine Shop Service Center" to facilitate the design, fabrication and manufacture of innovative workpieces needed by the students/faculty of the entire university.
The goal of this department is to nurture modern mechanical engineers. To meet the needs of mechanical industry, the department offers a broad spectrum of courses covering many disciplines of mechanical engineering. In addition to mechanical engineering fundamentals, the department encourages every student to specialize in one area of engineering expertise based on his or her own interest. The research activities of the department are focused on mechanical design and manufacturing with emphasis on practical engineering applications.
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